(Requested: Sollux speaking to a suicidal listener.  Again, if you have a therapist you can speak with, or medication you can take as prescribed, please, please do.  Self-care is important, and you deserve it~! This recording is simply meant to comfort):

hey 2o ii know thii2 ii2 one of tho2e 2hiitty tiime2 where iit feel2 liike thiing2 arent goiing two get better and even if they diid, iit stiill wouldnt be enough.  ii get that.  2ometiime2 iit2 iimpossiible two iignore the voiice2 that remiind you of all the thiing2 you havent accomplii2hed yet and all the embara22iing or paiinful memoriie2 you want two forget.  

iim not goiing two 2ay iit get2 better becau2e that2 not the whole 2tory.  your liife i2 more than that.  your liife can be 2o much better than that and more beautiifully complex than that.  youre goiing two have moment2 liike thii2 agaiin but remember.  youre al2o goiing to have moment2 that are the exact oppo2iite.

iit feel2 liike youre never goiing two be happy but you are.  iit wiill 2neak up on you.  iit miight even take a whiile.  but when you have tho2e moment2 theyll be 2o worth iit.  your liife doe2nt have two be glamorou2 or perfect or 2tre22ful.  iit doe2nt have two appeal two anyone but you.  your liife ii2 your2 and your2 only.  there2 power iin that.  there2 potentiial iin that. there2 potentiial iin you

2o 2tiick around and thiink of all tho2e dorky photo2 in your future that wouldnt exi2t wiithout you.  thiink of the people youre goiing two meet who would be that much loneliier iin a world wiithout you.  liike me.  ii dont want to thiink of a world wiithout you.  2tay a2 2trong a2 you have all thii2 tiime. and 2omeday ii guarantee youll 2tumble upon that one event that make2 everthiing more than worth iit.